Who does nate end up with

With some couples, it was a relief when the two characters got together. Because nothing says 'I love you' like an anonymous poison pen blog! Yes, Lily's relationship with Bart got in the way of them being together more than once. He faked her cancer after she'd gotten better because he'd fallen in love with her again.

Gossip Girl Finale: Why Does Nate End Up Alone?

You'll fail. Their dynamic was entertaining enough that even though they weren't at their best together, it didn't ruin the series. By the time the pair's long-lost secret love child returned from the dead in season three, it really felt like the writers had no idea what to do with them any more. In return, Jenny planned to get revenge by giving Vanessa an unlined dress to wear at a ball. The fact that they got together isn't the problem. Nate is a very warm and trusting person.

Ranking the romances of Gossip Girl from best to worst

Eleanor was a pretty strong contender for world's worst mother in the first season, but under Cyrus's adorable influence she became warmer and more supportive towards Blair, while Cyrus himself was basically the perfect stepfather.

Even though it was such a sad moment knowing that Blair and Nate's relationship was really ending, we still got to see how perfect they were together.

who does nate end up with

Retrieved from " https: Bart's death is being ruled an accident. It was never a relationship that was going to last because they were both really in love with other people. So how do we learn Dan was "pulling the strings" all along? However, when they were together, he showed he'd changed despite others conspiring to try to prove otherwise. It never felt like they had to put them back together. All is well on the Upper East Side, y'all!

who does nate end up with

It all started when Nate mistook her for Serena because of a mask at a ball. Five Years Later: Kylie Jenner 'initially defended Jordyn Woods'. I love them! Then, he admitted that he wanted to tell her that he loved her at the masked ball, and all of our hearts literally skipped a bit.

who does nate end up with

Even though he had his setbacks, Nate really was our Golden Boy who deserved love just as much as the other characters. Is anyone else still kind of bitter that Rufus and Lily didn't end up together? No, Thanks.