Who won the ufc 153 fight tonight

Camozzi catches a kick, but Cane slips around to his back and grabs his waist before dumping him to the floor. Gambino with a high kick, and his corner screams that Brandao is tired. Jon Fitch def. Prado lands a right, but Davis ducks it and scores a takedown. Punches and knees traded in a Thai clinch.

UFC 153 play by play and live results

Bonnar misses a spinning kick, and Silva is toying with his opponent, going right to the spot where Bonnar apparently wanted him. Crowd wants the action to pick up, and they boo the two Brazilians.

who won the ufc 153 fight tonight

Silva with a knee inside an a mice right hand. Anderson Silva def.

who won the ufc 153 fight tonight

Marcello kicks from his butt as Madadi shouts expletives, and there is a stand-up in the final seconds. Diego Brandao def.

who won the ufc 153 fight tonight

Straight punches land for Nogueira. Sicilia reaching and comes up short.

Sexy plays and a lack of government censorship UFC lightweight champ Khabib Nurmagomedov railed against the performance of a sexually provocative play in his home republic of Dagestan. Crowd boos again at the close.

who won the ufc 153 fight tonight

Francisco Trinaldo via unanimous decision 29-28, 29-28, 29-28. Marcello has become the aggressor in the closing seconds. Davis in half-mount as Prado works to stand. Davis lands a few punches and works to the back in a scramble.

who won the ufc 153 fight tonight

Bonnar punches away from the outside. Sicilia on the outside and avoids and earl low kick.

UFC 153 Results: ‘Silva vs. Bonnar’ Play-by-Play & Updates

Instead, he falls into a side choke. He lands a crisp overhand right as Marcello looks to move in. Fight hits the deck, and Silva has the rear-naked choke. Kicks at the end, and MMAjunkie.