Whoa military meaning of stand

The Marines use Oorah, and we let them do so. All Rights Reserved.

whoa military meaning of stand

No matter how one might spell the word, it's an expression of high morale, strength, and confidence. Petry saved his fellow soldiers, but lost his right hand.

Do Rangers say "hooah"?

Why do we have to wear these stupid reflective belts? Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

whoa military meaning of stand

Screw you! A couple of the more popular theories: Gopher John responded, "It means, How d'ye do.

whoa military meaning of stand

In many planes, designers fitted control sticks with a ball-shaped grip. Top definition. Another theory is that during the Vietnam War many American soldiers used Vietnamese and Vietnamese-French expressions interchangeably with English.

A Crash Course in Military Jargon

I don't know what that means, but I'm too embarassed to ask for clarification. Most of the terms used here, I pulled from my own military service in the Air Force. Hoo-ah unknown. Is it related to similar cries now in use by other military services?

whoa military meaning of stand

I used to wear a marquee cut diamond and managed to scratch my face pretty badly by using it. It smells like fucking Hooah! Im a smaller ring kind of girl.

Oorah v. Hooah!

These are the battle cries of the different services. Ahh crap! My Profile News Home Page.

whoa military meaning of stand

This Fishing Battle could not take place without the support of many in the local community.