Wow how to get to princess theradras

Princess Theradras

Kill it and loot the Gem of the 2nd Kahn. To the left you'll see purple crystals, to the right orange crystals, and straight ahead is an arch with 2 centaur statues.

wow how to get to princess theradras

On your way down you'll most likely find the 5th Kahn sooner or later, kill him and loot the Gem of the 5th Kahn. Jame's Maraudon Instance Guide Introduction Maraudon is a beautiful instance located in Desolace , it is made for a group of 5 players and can be very rewarding when done the right way. Wait for the rock elemental patrol and kill it.

World of Warcraft - Princess Theradras solo shadow priest lvl60

Comment by Dokandre you guys should be gratefull she's wearing a bra and a small skirt uuhhhh... I see this guide had one simple change in over a year and a half, so I'm wondering a couple things -.

Before you go to the instance portal we passed on the way, kill Shadowshard Smashers or Shadowshard Rumblers those rock elementals in the violet crystal cavern until you got 10 Shadowshard Fragments. If someone else would like to adopt the guide, or if you have any questions about this process, feel free to comment here.

wow how to get to princess theradras

Once you got the Larva Spewer destroyed, clear your way down to Noxxion. All rights reserved. Have you not heard?

wow how to get to princess theradras

This is where you end up after using the Scepter of Celebras from the pedestal behind the 1st Kahn, or after going further past Celebras the Cursed and jumping down the waterfalls. Don't bother with Razorlash unless you are interested in one of the following drops, it's mostly Nature Resist gear, for those who plan to go to Ahn'Qiraj later on, this should be interesting:.

wow how to get to princess theradras

The only way out of Maraudon when you are deep in is to use hearthstone, mage portal or death. With that in mind, Landslide shouldn't be a problem, and he drops some nice items: The best healers for princess are holy priests though, because they have the most range on there heals, so you can heal your group and be out of range of her stun spells at the same time. I shouldn't be having this much trouble hitting her.

Princess Theradras - NPC

It's optional, but this quest has been made much easier since patch 1. The way to Lord Vyletongue shouldn't be a problem. On the opposite side of the instance portal you'll see a bridge with two blue flames, go over the bridge, after the bridge go left and then a u-turn left again down a small slope which takes you to another bridge a smaller one. It's also heavily hinted that the new surge of life at the center of the zone is a direct result of Zaetar's freedom.

Crown Princess Theradras says: You can find The Nameless Prophet anywhere between the entrance and the fork to the crystal tunnels.

wow how to get to princess theradras

This site is a part of Wikia, Inc. As soon as you kill The Nameless Prophet he respawns instantly somewhere else. Comment by henkoz for those of you who didnt know, Princess is the only known daughter of the mother of earth, the greatest earth elemental, sorry forgot the name, but u can find it at wowwiki: Influenced by the Old Gods, the princess transformed her home into a den of corruption and suffering.