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Sonny Afridi: February 27, 2019 Respite for refugees ON Monday, Prime Minister Imran Khan said he had issued instructions to the relevant authorities to allow registered...

Bike Alteration in Pakistan, its Downsides & the Solution

He points to a small gate nearby. Wow mate! Well, they majority of uncles do call themselves young, so I thought to indulge them 2: Sometimes the carburettor is also upgraded to provide the right amount of fuel and air to the new engine. February 26, 2019 Literary festivals FOR a country with a literacy rate of only 58pc, Pakistan seems to host an abundance of literary festivals. I am just an auto-enthusiast, who wants to see this sport Racing thriving in Pakistan legally and safely. And then there is the fact that people have been organizing auto-shows without putting a lot of money.

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While reading all I could think was fast and the furious would be a better movie if it had this story line. It does more than wheelies, it handles incredibly and doesnt have a fart-cannon exhaust. Another race has begun. The firing has done the talking. Abdul Hanan.

Most of the motorcycles used in racing these days are Chinese-made because they are lighter than the Japanese vehicles. Sonny Afridi Stop showing off! Streams of blood run down his body; his arm is badly bruised and his skull is fractured.

The old but gold rule, saving for a rainy day, gets chucked out the window. An excellent machine! The lights dance in the distance.

He receives 3,000 rupees from the winning party and moves away. Sonny Afridi Oh yes you offer free advise that's really cost no money but getting a bike like yours would cost hundreds of thousands, will you offer that too these young riders who mostly hails either from middle class or lower middle class backgrounds. Tips for Preparing Your Car for the Winters.

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Government could charge an entry fee to maintain the race track. After a dash of shiny silver paint, the motorcycle will be ready for racing. In the next phase, a bigger engine — in most cases a 124 CC one — replaces the original to enable the bike to run 35 per cent faster than it would in its factory fittings.