Bell and howell 8mm projector model 466a

This is a silent film Dual 8 only projector.

BELL & HOWELL 466A DUAL 8mm PROJECTOR w/ 175 HOUR DLH Tveden Plug-in Lamp Module

Your Name: Unfortunately that doesn't explain why the projector grinds when it's in the up position. Dave Schmidt Junior Posts: Email this page to someone! Printer-friendly view of this topic. But I see from the images in this thread that there is an electrical adjustment knob as well as a mechanical switch. Anyone that can help with the rheostat wiring thing I would appreciate.

bell and howell 8mm projector model 466a

From what I've read in order to remove the "flicker" the frame rates have to be adjusted to match. The filament has to line up with film aperature and lens for full brightness.

bell and howell 8mm projector model 466a

Modified by. My next quest is to put an led in a projector and see how that pans out.

bell and howell 8mm projector model 466a

Serial CD-68948. Send this product to a friend...

bell and howell 8mm projector model 466a

Be the first to submit a review on this product! Jun 2003. In later models that switch and knob assembly was replaced by a three step lever called "multimotion. You can find the next generation on Ebay looking at Sears Dual 8 Projectors....

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So, I would conclude that while the slow motion is controlled mechanically there is a rheostat that controls the speed. I see in a previous post to a response about the speed control on the 466A, it was stated that the control is by mechanical means only.

If you have any questions please contact us via the information on the Contact Us page Item: Rate this item. So far I am out out of trial,,,and full of error.

This lens can also be adjusted to fill the screen without having to move the projector or the screen. Dec 2009. This I believe is difficult, which is why there are so many bulb types.