Braids hairstyles down whole hair

41 Cute And Chic Cornrow Braids Hairstyles

Then, it's just a matter of dividing it into two sections and tightly twisting both sections in a clockwise manner, then securing it at the bottom of the ponytail.

Then, take a fresh section of hair underneath the bun and begin fishtail braiding it all the way to the ends, securing it with an elastic band.

braids hairstyles down whole hair

Instead of the traditional braids, these cornrows at the back have been done up in a twisted style to create an intricate look. The pretty cat eyed makeup only accentuates the exotic nature of the whole presentation. The Fishtail Braid-Wrapped Bun 29.

35 Awesome Box Braids Hairstyles You Simply Must Try

Ponytail Braid. You can use the hair to create high ponytails or pull it up into a crown like top bun that literally covers the whole of the top of the head.

Braided Top-Knot.

braids hairstyles down whole hair

Some can be twisted and braided again and that is where this crown halo comes in, giving the model a lived in look while still showing off the splendor of those vibrant blue tresses.

A simple French braid down the middle and into a ponytail is such a cute look. Since my hair is pretty thin thanks, Mom! A silly lover of books and words, she generally loves to seek out new adventures, getting her toes wet and her hands dirty. Underhanded braids create an interesting texture, and the continuing braid is wrapped around and meets at the top of the twisted outer portions of the remaining hair.

Create a center part since this hairstyle looks more even that way and French braid from the right side of the part to your temple.

braids hairstyles down whole hair

Next, braid the remaining bottom half of your hair in a regular three-strand braid and wrap it into a bun. Accent the thinner cornrows by dusting some silver glitter on them to complete your translation into an adorable little pixie. Flip your head over and begin French braiding from the nape of your neck to just before the crown of your head. Faux Hawk Braid. Why choose between cornrows and an afro when you can sport both? The additional of all the little flowers makes this look sweetly complete.

French braids and fishtail braids curve around the side of the hair, showing off highlights and lowlights before ending in a great low bun.

braids hairstyles down whole hair

The braided bottom ends in a curly pony and the whole look is just as dreamy as mermaid lore itself. Here, the crown is braided, then woven into a larger braid, knotted lightly, with the braid peeking out again at the bottom of the ponytail. Classic French Braid With a Twist 20. The key to the whole look is loosening it up at the end.

Get the best of both styles with this swirly whirly cornrows pattern that is flirty, feminine, and so cute to look at.

braids hairstyles down whole hair

Side-swept hair is always stylish, and in this case the hair starts as a loose inward French braid that transitions into a fishtail and ends smoothly after being tied off. These alternating thick and thin cornrows curve in and out to form a mesmerizing hourglass shaped pattern that is mind-blowing and beautiful.