Doctor who craig and sophie the giraffe

McRae family remembers Fenne the pet giraffe who roamed their South African home freely

A life that they abandoned on a regular basis to go and travel the cosmos. Blue 185. New series promises 'explosions' in the run-up to Billie's wedding... Hugs and Kisses 172. George Pell accompanies his housemate who... However, he was unable to prevent him from waking Alfie. Rival Tribes 191. Eight more women are arrested for prostitution in... The Doctor turned up on his doorstep later that day, thanks to a helpful note from a future Amy Pond. Closing Time. She moved in with him and they had a son, Alfie.

Gallifreyan Compliment 13.

Sophie (The Lodger)

He looked deadly serious. When Mark received an inheritance from a previously unknown uncle and moved out, Craig placed an advert for a flatmate in a local shop window. Running 177. Close Working... Closing Time. Shall We Dance? Cheering Up Ten 125. Dark Whouffle 58. Gender Swap 121.

Craig Owens

Former aide to Blair and Major governments is jailed after being convicted of rape for the second time... Telling Ellie 145. The Doctor said he was off to see the Alignment of Exodor and that he was on a farewell tour. The rise and fall of Cardinal George Pell: Family Christmas: Cancel Save.