Fossil fighters how many vivosaurs

List of Vivosaurs (Champions)

Champions, it is also possible to use a Team Skill by having three vivosaurs being different elements, each. It boasts five!

fossil fighters how many vivosaurs

Cryolophosaurus Length: Ankylo BO. Jurassic This silver-headed Cerato has the Ally Stats Up ability to help out its teammates, as well as Muddle Cannon skill for taking down flying foes. Compared to Spino, it lacks Attack and Defense, but it makes up for it with a wealth of poison-inducing skills.

Rainbow Canyon Blue.

fossil fighters how many vivosaurs

O-Raptor Fiend. Rainbow Canyon , Dusty Dunes. This vivosaur's huge sail tends to distract its foes. Jurassic An ancient fighter that struck fear in the hearts of enemies, which is why it has three scare-inducing skills.

Some Vivosaurs have no support effects. Use Rising Tornado to stick-and-move your foes.

fossil fighters how many vivosaurs

The only way to revive a vivosaur is to find that vivosaur's respective head. Brachiosaurus Length: Around 5 Feet Type: Be careful while cleaning a fossil as it can get damaged, especially with a hammer.

List of Vivosaurs (Frontier)

Icegrip Plateau. Its Deadly Stun skill paralyzes and damages foes, but its Fearsome Roar ability affects both friend and foe alike. Jurassic A well-balanced carnivore suited for team play.

fossil fighters how many vivosaurs

A vivosaur known as the "scythe lizard" for its sharp, sickle-like claws. Select your location to get started:.