How long workers compensation case take

To settle your case, the settlement amount is first determined based on both: This helps you learn what I can offer you before you make a decision about whether you need to hire me. The basic idea of a workers compensation settlement is that the insurance company pays you a certain amount of money and you give up your workers compensation case.

how long workers compensation case take

Obviously if someone has a sprain to their knee wrist or ankle for example then their recovery for their injuries will take a lot less time than someone who has more significant injuries for example an herniated disk in their lower back, a tear in their rotator cuff in their shoulder, a tear in their meniscus in their knee and so forth.

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how long workers compensation case take

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But talking to one may prevent you from making a big mistake. Is it just physical injury? Other benefits, such as your missed wages, begin when the court has accepted your claim. What paperwork do I have to sign?

How Long Does a Workers Compensation Settlement Take?

The final factor that affects this timeline is how long it takes the insurance company to pay you the settlement money. Call Us Anytime At 800 435-7542. Or are you having also psychological injury, where you need to see a psychologist?

At that point, you have a tentative settlement. You cannot force the insurance company to settle your workers compensation case.

How Long Will My Workers Compensation Case Take

This means that you and the insurance company cannot just agree to settle your case. San Fernando Valley Phone: South Bay Phone: Once the appeal is heard before the Appellate Panel then said panel usually issues its findings and order within a thirty day time period. Thanks so much for watching this video. They will then send the stip to you and ask you to sign it and return it.

how long workers compensation case take

Your workers compensation case continues if the settlement falls apart.