How to draw a weird face

Close to being done, add the ears and hair.

how to draw a weird face

When it comes to drawing heads, nothing is set in stone; different characters have vastly different features. Tell us more about it? Your ears should be about twice the size of the eyes. This article has also been viewed 34,187 times.

how to draw a weird face

Cookies make wikiHow better. Draw two lines slightly in from either side of your circles. The more squashed the circles, the wider and heavy the face, while the more elongated the circles, the longer the head shape.

Drawing with Peter Draws: Weird Monster Faces

Drawing Art Lesson by Cheri Crawford. This gives the basis of the human head. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Related Articles. Many famous cartoon character such is Goofy and Donald Duck have funny faces. How to Draw a Funny Face Boy.

How to draw a face

Here you will learn how to draw a cartoon character. Draw a Dragon.

how to draw a weird face

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I like drawing weird faces. Any suggestions on who/what to draw?

Thanks for letting us know. Bald is usually my pick for hair but spiked is alright to.

how to draw a weird face

Current page: Related Articles. Funny Boy Face.

How to Draw a Funny Face

Funny Monkey Face. Use exaggerated shapes to make the face funny. I start off by drawing two overlapping circles. Edit Related wikiHows.