How to format your ebook for nook

I know that is a lot to digest, but by getting the formatting correct upfront, you can ensure that your manuscript is converted into a beautiful eBook. Insert the copyright information and any caution you wish to add about the content.

how to format your ebook for nook

As far as the document is concerned, the image is still the original size. Do all image resizing outside of the document, then reinsert them before saving. The benefit of fixed layout is that YOU are in complete control of the experience. Fancy fonts especially fancy serif fonts might look great, but oftentimes they are converted into strange characters and symbols.

Post a Comment. The set up is slightly different at Nook.

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Unfortunately, guidelines on how to properly format an eBook to sell on Amazon. Use the same as you did for the Kindle.

Perhaps surprisingly, most of the questions we get asked about eBook formatting and conversion seem to stem from the fact that lots of writers have still never read an eBook. Receive a free ebook! Many people drag an image from their desktop into the Word document FIRST and then adjust the size using the little square scrollers that appear in the corners when you click on the image.

How to Make Your Nook & Kindle Formats Compatible

Use separate computer file names that include the dpi number. Kindle Format The first thing you will want to do is open your print book.

how to format your ebook for nook

This helps ensure that the end user the reader can still easily customize their reading experience on their preferred eReading device. This manual is best suited for fiction novel, or general nonfiction books.

how to format your ebook for nook

You should NOT use the tab key or spacebar to indent paragraphs in your eBook manuscript doc. If you are loading a non-fiction title, find the categories that suit your content best. All of my clients have been very pleased by the look of their books, and every file was accepted by the online distributors. Skip to main content. Enter blurbs and any reviews.