How to make arc reactor necklace stand

First cut the inner ring from clear acrylic sheet and rub it with a scotchbrite pad steel wool would also work. I grabbed a plastic lid out of the refrigerator and drew graffiti on it until I was satisfied. Have at it.

how to make arc reactor necklace stand

I'm a former bicycle industry designer turned professional jeweler. This layer will act as our base. The thing to remember is that if it is too tall then it will come into contact with other parts later on so watch the height.

how to make arc reactor necklace stand

If the fit is really loose, you can put a couple dabs of glue between the wrapped copper wire sections and the backplate to hold everything together. I have written a book all about these.

Make an Iron Man Arc Reactor

So it seems worng. I Made It!

how to make arc reactor necklace stand

Honus gillyfishy Reply 3 years ago. So how do we go about this? I used wire that was coated red- you could use a marker to color the wire. The result were two rings of conductive metal the positive and negative connections of the parallel-ed LEDs , which I then connected to the power source.

Then file all the edges and smooth them with sandpaper. Be creative, and have fun! Also, I read online that hot glue doesn't stick to aluminum foil.

Build an Arc Reactor With Basic Tools and Skills

Plug in your battery and make sure all your LED's light up. Reply 4 years ago on Introduction. The first thing I did was draw up a general plan so I could figure out how everything would fit together. I Made It!

how to make arc reactor necklace stand

They are 5mm through hole LEDs. The light was not diffusing well enough yet these LEDs are very bright!

Arc Reactor

Share it with us! I am now just 15 years old now. The wire was wound around a drill bit, formed into a circle and then glued together with a glue gun. I should have painted the ring silver but I ran out of time...... I cut strips of aluminum foil, and glued one end to where the coils poked through the bracket ring.

how to make arc reactor necklace stand