How to make chinese glutinous rice cake

Place the ball of bean paste in the center of the round dough. Ingredients Steps Comments. I've already made it twice.

Sticky Rice Cake with Red Bean Paste

Mix well. Lychee Frozen Yogurt Recipe Discover how we make one of our favourite frozen treats with lychee! I think it works the best on a stovetop because you can use the hot pan to get the surface of the cake very crispy. But iblove your Nian Gao recipe.

I only have coconut cream.

Chinese Sticky Rice Cake

I love it! Edit Related wikiHows. My mom usually cut some red paper to put on top of the nian gao and usually on fruits too. And I like them cold, too. You might be able to substitute soy milk or almond milk which has some body. I love this recipe… they were delicious. The Japanese rice cake uses the other type of glutinous flour the one that is milled from short grain sweet rice , and the dough is steamed before wrapping with the red bean fillings.

Cook on low for 8-10 hours. Your pictures are gorgeous as always, Maggie! Pour into a parchment paper lined 13x9x2 pan. To learn how to steam your Chinese New Year cake, scroll down!

how to make chinese glutinous rice cake

My oven is out of commission at this moment. Heat 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil a non-stick skillet over medium heat.

Gluten-Free Sweet Sticky Rice Cake

Cover with aluminum foil. I have not had these in years…and by years, I mean at least two decades.

how to make chinese glutinous rice cake

I was so excited to try out this recipe and make it on my own! This recipe is so easy and no fuss. Also — could one play around with the proportion of the rice flours? I hate frying at home too.

how to make chinese glutinous rice cake

Just a note for readers looking for that childhood taste as the new year approaches, traditionally my family makes this with peen tong http: Most of these ingredients can be bought at most Asian food stores. My kids are adopted from China, so we try hard to learn what we can and appreciate their heritage.