How to make recycled christmas card ornaments

Cut and create gift tags from Christmas cards.

Recycled Christmas Card Ornaments

I had about 10 cards, and I was pretty choosy where I cut my circles. Made from recycled holiday cards and construction paper, and filled with treats, a cone-shaped package will impress loved ones.

how to make recycled christmas card ornaments

Love the beaded embellishment too. And on the tree!

20 Brilliant Ideas To Recycle Old Christmas Cards

Thanks for sharing. In grade school, we did something similar with our school pictures and my mom still hangs it on the tree. So I decided I wanted to let my own girls make one for themselves this year. The activity I taught the women tonight is how to make a gift box out of an old card, though modifying the directions a little bit.

how to make recycled christmas card ornaments

Now I know what to do with my favorite xmas cards…thank you soo much! Create your own gift bows.

Recycled Christmas Card Crafts

Cut off the back of the card and paste in a blank card and reuse it and resend it. The next step is to fold each circle to make a triangle. Please post em here!

how to make recycled christmas card ornaments

To keep the ideas going, I looked up ideas and ways to recycle wrapping paper pieces and scraps too! What is the idea you are planning for yours?

40 Ingenious Ways to Reuse and Recycle Christmas Cards & Wrapping Paper

Fill the house with holiday cheer by hanging holiday card cutouts from branches in a vase. For the wood slices I cut the cards out slightly smaller than the bark so that the wood grain was visible: Hi Margaret…it is right here: Want awesome ways to recycle Christmas cards and Christmas wrapping paper for other purposes?

Google for more ideas if needed or search Pinterest. Charlotte October 25, 2012 What a fab idea!

how to make recycled christmas card ornaments

Susan January 9, 2015 I made ornaments with lids back in 4H in 1974 or 75. I really like your idea of using something decorative around the edge. The tutorial worked out perfectly for me. Use the slice of wood as a template and trace the shape onto the cards and then carefully cut them out: I am going t0 try Thankyou I am sorry because idit not know how to spelling in ingles good i am trying my best.