How to make things float in gmod

How to Build a Flying Bathtub in Gmod

Just someone fixed the tool for crash exploit fixes. The hack i applied both A: Jump to: And iv'e tried it on multiple other buoyancy tools too...

how to make things float in gmod

You could try a buoyancy tool. I don't know what changed between 12 and 13, but I'm sure if you wanna find out you can as in the Lua subforum. One can also toggle on slow-movement-noclip by pressing Ctrl , which will let them make very precise adjustments.

how to make things float in gmod

As such, it cannot be directly used as one, but rather must be used indirectly. Using your Physgun From Garry's Mod. Posing ragdolls with the Physgun can be tricky. EDIT 3: Posting what you did to fix it would kinda be nice though... Sorry, you need to Log In to post a reply to this thread.

Using your Physgun

Holding down your left mouse button makes the Physgun emit a long blue beam from the front of the gun. The Physgun is a tool and has no capability as a weapon in itself. Holding down E your use key allows you to rotate the object if grabbed by using the mouse.

how to make things float in gmod

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how to make things float in gmod

The few things that it cannot pick up are the objects built into the map by default, such as walls, windows and fences, and other players. Could anyone explain the changes in buoyancy between GM12 and GM13?

how to make things float in gmod

Common means of doing so are grabbing large, heavy objects and whipping them around and into enemies. Ok, i'm just going to go ahead and backup then delete my garrysmod folder, then install those two addons and see how it goes...

Garry's Mod Basic Techniques ***UPDATE

Anything that touches the beam or vice versa will be grabbed by the gun and can then be manipulated, by you, into different positions. Discord Steam. Thanks, but i already tried that one, same problem...