How to record youtube sound with audacity

And more! Here, you need to click "Record".

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Browser compatibility: Jan 23,2019 11: Record Music 1. Alternative 3.

how to record youtube sound with audacity

First, go to the Devices section which is most likely to be on top of the table of options. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here... By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. I cannot find the option for stereo mix under devices.

Tips To Record Audio From Youtube With Audacity

Record live audio. There's no loss in the quality of the audio you record. Once you're done with the setting up stage, you can begin the actual recording process. Now it's time to open the YouTube video you want to record the audio from.

Disable the Microphone by right clicking and selecting Disable. This usually happens when stereo mix is disabled.

how to record youtube sound with audacity

You may be asked for the location of the LAME file. Any Product-related questions? Select Stereo Mix in this drop-down list. One such method is to record freely an available audio directly from YouTube by using an audio-editing software.

how to record youtube sound with audacity

Contact Disclaimer. Learn More. You can select the settings in Steps four and five in the main Audacity program window as well. Free Download Free Download. Part 2: The stereo mix device will now be visible. LAME is free, but in some countries you may need to pay a license fee in order to legally encode MP3 files. Click on the red record button.

how to record youtube sound with audacity

Here comes the fun part!