How to soften powdered detergents

Heat can be part of the problem too, but heat and humidity often go hand in hand so I think it almost always tracks back to humidity and moisture. I have quite a few of those large cans that dehydrated or freeze dried foods come in and put the whole box in there. LG combo report 3.

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how to soften powdered detergents

Have started doing as someone mentioned by immediately putting it in a 10 can that freeze dried food comes in. I place the plastic square on the jar opening and place the jar lid snuggly.

What To Do About Clumpy Hard Borax And Washing Soda

I use a blender too. This example compares the performance of clay in various forms. After tearing the box away to get it out, I tried all the methods above: Also, you can usually find some used Tupperware at a thrift shop.

how to soften powdered detergents

What about putting the powered soaps right away into a large zip lock bag? Any moisture in the washing soda is what makes it turn clumpy. Related Questions How do you soften up rock hard brown sugar? What if I break the jar?

how to soften powdered detergents

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How to soften rock hard detergent

I think hammering it in a plastic bag might be the best solution. The base powder may be made, for example, by spray drying a slurry containing the necessary ingredients. Ah yes, the clumping. But whereas epsom salts get moist and harden up; brown sugar gets dry and hardens up….. Report Abuse. Tags homebrew. As a general rule though, traditional powdered products usually work out the cheapest as they are cheaper to produce. Hope to see you next week.