How to use the gimp software

GIMP also comes with a batch mode , that allows edits to be run automatically from the command line, making it easy to integrated GIMP into scripts, and there are plugins out there that make batch processing easy for the command line-adverse. These help to make GIMP an even more powerful photo editor, and will let you edit RAW photos, apply filters, retouch skin, and a whole lot more besides.

The Basics Tutorial

GIMP is a software package that does a lot of what Adobe Photoshop does, but has a much smaller price tag - free! Use the Layers and Brushes menu to adjust the brush type.

There's a pretty good overview here with screenshot examples too: To adjust your selection, hold your mouse in the corners or edges of the frame and then drag in or out to correct.

how to use the gimp software

Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. The basic idea of layers is easy to grasp but if you want to go a bit beyond it, this ebook is a great read. Once you select the file, the image will open in a new window. The purpose of this article is to not just to help you learn GIMP, but also to show you just what it is capable of producing. Vectors paths are another key concept in GIMP. It can often turn an otherwise flat image into something packed with drama.

how to use the gimp software

If you're running Windows, for example, and you download a Unix-based program, you may find there are quirks in the way other programs run when the program is open. You can fine tune the size of the box by changing the values in the Size fields.

Getting started with GIMP

This tool is one of the most important tools you have! Open an existing image.

how to use the gimp software

When you are happy with your settings, click Scale to change the image size. This will enable you to set a gray point in your image, an area of neutral color off which all the other colors will be based.

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Here are two tutorials about paths — one about Bezier selections and one about drawing shapes. Method 1. Ian Pullen has put together this thoughtful tutorial to walk you through the basics.

how to use the gimp software

To make fine adjustments, use the Tool Options in the bottom of the Toolbox. Of course, thinking back, there are tons of other things I wish I knew as well.

Colors are key to any design and so is the skill how to mix them. About This Article.

how to use the gimp software

This graph shows the tonal range of your image: GIMP has a large user community. This sets the darkest point of the image to 100 percent black, and the lightest point to 100 percent white, and maximizes the contrast in the process. This process can take a few minutes.