Lisa howze home invasion

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lisa howze home invasion

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Former mayoral candidate Lisa Howze the victim of home invasion

More Info. Expect more of my coworkers to take the class. Howze says she received so many negative comments on Facebook after she endorsed Duggan that she admits those negative comments were the first thing she thought of as the men were breaking into her home. Neighbors spotted five men kicking in the back door to Howze's east side home and the men were entering her home.

lisa howze home invasion

As such, he networks with other gun rights activists, attends gun rights conventions, organizes open-carry meet-ups, and speaks at Detroit-area block club functions. I want to thank you for providing such a vital service to the community.

lisa howze home invasion

Overkill Michigan Concealed Pistol Class: Just the other day, I saw a stat that over 800 Detroit women have been sexually assaulted by predators this year.

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lisa howze home invasion

That's what I was thinking about when I was under the bed," she said. View All Video Testimonials.

Former state rep, Detroit mayoral candidate Lisa Howze opens up about break-in at her home

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