List of dr who regenerations

A third account suggested that the Looms gave Gallifreyans the ability to regenerate and that the earlier womb-born generations could not. Arden is killed, but his body protects Jamie, who is merely knocked out.

Goodbye, Doctor! Doctor Who Pyramids of Mars episode 1. Planet of the Spiders First Doctor: This "state of grace" allowed an explanation for the Tenth Doctor 's ability to delay regeneration to visit all of his former companions TV: Utopia The incarnation once known as Harold Saxon: Even if a Time Lord's body was damaged to the point that regeneration became impossible, their cells would continue attempting to do so, making the actual process of death very slow; it took each copy of the Twelfth Doctor imprisoned in his Confession Dial "about a day and a half" to die after being attacked by the Veil.

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The Fountains of Forever. Absolutely fantastic. According to the Twelfth Doctor , there is a period of time that he calls "a state of grace" when a dying Time Lord can resist regeneration for a period of time without consequence where they are restored to full strength.

Logopolis On the occasion that the Doctor had just been granted a brand new regeneration cycle, he initially emitted a large eruption of energy in an almost liquid form. Forcing an individual to regenerate could be used as a form of punishment and in these cases, the new appearance could be chosen or influenced by the condemned.

Kate Yates regenerated her hair when her Dalek Factor was activated after being hit by a car. The time of the Osirans is long past.

list of dr who regenerations

Those security guards are no match for humans! Zagreus When the amnesiac Eighth Doctor was in a coma after his chest was crushed by sandbags, during his coma fantasy he experienced a feeling that he compared to the idea of his body as a coat that he could take off and don another body around a corner, but in this instance the Doctor did not need to regenerate as his current link to his 'adversary' Sabbath would sustain his life even after such serious injuries.

list of dr who regenerations

The Gathering This was not always an option, however, as the Sixth Doctor noted fearfully that while his companion could die only once, he might repeatedly regenerate and live out all of his lives when the TARDIS stalled in space.

Start a Wiki. The End of Time referred to their regenerations as the end of their life.


When the Dalek refuses, Davros orders Nyder to do so instead. A landmark in the show's history, the first regeneration is also one of the few moments from William Hartnell's final episode to still exist in the archives.

list of dr who regenerations

Character later returns in New Earth Gwyneth, stop this. Head Games before the Doctor came to accept that he was the Doctor in all his lives and forgive the sins of his previous self. Klieg decides to leave the Doctor and his friends to be killed by the Cybermen, only for one of them to kill him. Death of the Doctor The Eighth Doctor 's regeneration was painful due to the circumstances, but he wanted it so.