The girl who shopped poem

This meant that not only did I need to be in a quiet environment when reading the poetry, which is difficult when you do most of your recreational reading on public transport, but it was also difficult for me not to over-analyse every single word in each of the poems.

the girl who shopped poem

Beautiful Notes from the podcast. They are unable to control themselves of anything going on in the media or the papers and relentlessly dive in to get involved.

the girl who shopped poem

Duffy explores these themes really well in the diet about an adolescent female who is struggling with her identity and weight issues. However, she does not exclude men from her poetry collection. The main problem with women is that they struggle to realise their identity and try to conform to a certain audience to gain that identity.

GA Book Club #5: ‘Feminine Gospels’ by Carol Ann Duffy

Duffy challenges The Gospel Truth in her title alone, an account created and historically taught by men. This has an emphasis on being skinny and has a major effect on the reader to show that she is losing herself.

the girl who shopped poem

A lot of women are misunderstood and are treated in negative ways since the beginning of time. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. Registration Forgot your password?

Feminine Gospels The Woman Who Shopped AQA

This portrayal of the women as defined by their looks is undermined by the tone of anger created throughout the poem, which feels like a fight against the objectification these women and many other women all around the world face.

Upload Log in. Log in. It seems Duffy has a major conflict with herself and the female population in general. The tone used is also very sharp and direct. The tone of the poem is almost as if Duffy is mocking women and their helplessness. Throughout Feminine Gospels there is a sense of failure in women as a general population.

The fact the title: They are very delicate creatures and Duffy treats them this way.

AS Duffy Revision Notes “The Woman who shopped” Carol Ann Duffy

To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. We think you have liked this presentation. Thank you! Duffy is almost blaming women for global capitalism as much as they are the victims of it.

the girl who shopped poem

Free Essays Pages: One of our lovely new reps Megan Ryder-Maki ixxmcmxl on Twitter told me about her views of the poetry collection:.