What causes ddh in babies

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what causes ddh in babies

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Developmental dysplasia of the hip

Related information on other websites. These develop while a baby is still in the uterus, as well as in early childhood. Even after proper treatment, a shallow hip socket may still persist, and surgery may be necessary in early childhood to restore the normal anatomy of the hip joint. This procedure is done while the baby is under anesthesia.

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what causes ddh in babies

Girls are more likely than boys to have hip dislocations. This type of cast is used to hold the hip in place after surgery to allow healing. Surgical brochures.

what causes ddh in babies

The femur thigh bone ends with a rounded projection, or ball, which fits into the hollowed out socket acetabulum of the pelvic girdle. This will include information on:.

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what causes ddh in babies

However, each baby may experience symptoms differently. In hip dysplasia, the socket component acetabulum is underdeveloped, so the ball component is not well fixed in the socket. Some babies born with a dislocated hip will show no outward signs.

Causes of DDH

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The space between the legs may look wider than normal.

what causes ddh in babies

Additional surgeries may be necessary since the hip dislocation can reoccur as the child grows and develops.