What does jeremiah 10 2-5 mean tweets

As believers in astrology, they considered their lives to be controlled by celestial events.


What about the kneeling to receive gifts? Either way, there has to be knowledge and intent - not unwitting and accidental. How would you respond personally to someone who says that it is a metaphor?

The conversation goes from "it's condemned in Jeremiah 10" to "it's pagan", and when both of those fall apart, it becomes "it's not commanded.

Jeremiah 10:2

Are certain combinations of words and sounds pagan? I think that Isaiah 44: Words need to be added to make the sentences readable.

Regarding what you said about Muhammad and Buddha, we should keep things in perspective. Yet that is what the idol god essentially is. You didn't get that from the Hebrew, nor the context.

Does Jeremiah 10 forbid Christmas trees?

Redundancy isn't uncommon in Scripture. And I think this is true in many people's cases. It becomes citically important to know the history of the Christmas and the Christmas tree -- and this is no lie -- the Christmas tree tradition originates in Germany in the 1500-1600's. I understand that this can have huge implications. I trust that you've given me a fair hearing. And since this is the case that Jeremiah is speaking of idol gods, we have to deal with this.

Jeremiah 10

You appear to say a Christmas tree is by definition an idol because it is cut from the forest, fastened with nails, and decorated. About a tree being the final product, I would refer you to the section "Not Simply A Tree" in this article.

No matter how many times he is exposed as a fraud people still perpetuate his claims as truth. Thank you very much, now I can really enjoy my Christmas tree. Just making an observation... Important things to ponder!