What was rembrandt life like slot

Late Rembrandt was created in collaboration with the National Gallery London, where the exhibition will be shown from 15 October 2014 to 18 January 2015.

Late Rembrandt at Rijksmuseum

Towards year-end, the Rembrandt — Velazquez exhibition 11 October 2019 to 19 January 2020 will showcase the paintings of the two great 17 th century masters. Following this exhibition, this large work will be restored in situ. Contributions from: The Night Watch will be restored in situ from July 2019.

A digital platform will allow viewers from all over the world to follow the entire process online continuing the Rijksmuseum innovation in the digital field. Against the backdrop of tragic personal losses and ongoing financial difficulties, Rembrandt began experimenting with printing and painting techniques in the later years of his life, producing some of the most distinctive, innovative and daring works of his career. Up to the age of 18: It is recommended to buy your tickets early.

what was rembrandt life like slot

Share on Twitter. Children under 18 enter for free getting a free online ticket tends to speed things up. The Late Rembrandt exhibition catalogue is available via rijksmuseum.

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what was rembrandt life like slot

More information? The first section presents the milestones of his career as a young artist; when Rembrandt looks at himself in the mirror, the viewer looks over his shoulder.

what was rembrandt life like slot

He even made a powerful portrait of his wife Saskia as she lay ill in bed. Accept No, rather not. See Tips on Visiting the Rijksmuseum for details — top tip: The research team working on The Night Watch is made up of researchers, conservators and restorers from the Rijksmuseum, which will conduct this research in close collaboration with museums and universities in the Netherlands and abroad.

Towards the end of 2019, visitors to the Rijksmuseum will have another opportunity to enjoy Rembrandt paintings in a special context. Back to top.

All the Rembrandts in the Rijksmuseum Exhibition 2019

The Images below are free available. A cookie is a small text file which will be saved on your computer or mobile device when you visit our website. Press pass accreditation must be requested at least three days in advance by emailing the Press Office: The city of Amsterdam celebrates its most famous artist With 40 paintings, 20 drawings and 30 prints, Late Rembrandt presents a comprehensive overview of the artist's work between approximately 1652 and his death in 1669.

Early depictions of these tales tend to be delicate and refined; later in life Rembrandt used a coarser experimental technique, applying ingenious colour and light effects to further enhance the narrative and draw out its essence. About the exhibition The exhibition is divided into ten themes: The 17th-century prints are exceedingly fragile and thus rarely displayed in public. Gregor J.

what was rembrandt life like slot