What would steve jobs do 10 lessons

When you finish a speech or presentation, your audience should be changed in some way, even if that change is simply learning something new. War and Peace makes for a good novel but a lousy presentation.

what would steve jobs do 10 lessons

If you wait for customer validation, it will never happen. What worked well? Primarily, it was how it worked. Recommended For You: More from Inc.

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what would steve jobs do 10 lessons

What about factors such as ease of use, increased productivity, and lower support cost? He took an idea from a humble garage and turned it into Apple, one of the most recognizable and iconic brands in the world. Take what you have learned and build on it for your next presentation. Make sure to leave a comment below or share the conversation.

what would steve jobs do 10 lessons

Some leaders fear that a new employee will be better at something than they are. I'm saying ship something that has jumped curves that has elements of crappiness to it.

Steve Jobs Leadership Skills Breakdown - How To Motivate People

Jobs was notorious for his attention to detail and excellence. In future speeches, Guy changed this point to: Following this rule forces you to tighten up your message, explain things simply and with clarity, and engage your audience--all elements of a great presentation.

The 10 Things Steve Jobs can Teach Every Public Speaker

Most people believe that things must be seen to be believed, but not real entrepreneurs. There is always room for improvement: Whatever your field, expand your horizons. Challenge your team, and don't back down from challenges extended to you.