Where is sand rock az

Where is Sandrock Canyon, Arizona?

X-Pine Canyon 2. Publicized by Todd's book: Passing the tree you will observe that on the far side of the downclimb is a rappel of approximately 25 feet down a mossy wall into another pool. I submit my exit route GPS upload I will submit as an improvement over what is in the book.

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At all the upclimbs, the best and bravest climber should ascend first and offer belays to any less confident climbers. Notifications X. Beautiful sections of canyon filled with water alternate with downclimbs and a little bushwhacking.

where is sand rock az

Be very careful with this section, it's as bad and unstable as you can imagine it. The going gets brushy for awhile and has small boulders which will slow your progress. Point Trail - West Clear Creek 3.

where is sand rock az

Our climber brought some pro, but did not place any he is also braver than I. The canyon gets a little wider and you will have to negotiate vegetation and fallen logs. This canyon contains keeper potholes, you and your party need to carry a pothole escape kit and know how to use it. Find a Hike by Options.

Horsetank - Sandrock Canyon Loop, AZ

Wish List. Take plenty of water.

where is sand rock az

HAZ Forum. Do NOT do this canyon alone! Best Hikes in the Forest.

where is sand rock az

Doing this loop during early summer may present conditions with more clear, flowing water than can be imagined. From the highway, go through the fence shut it behind you! Official Route. At the far side of the pool is a chockstone which can be downclimbed without difficulty.

Another trecherous downclimb is encountered and you will have swim several more sections. I recommend following the GPS route I will submit. You will also require a fearless lead climber to be a part of your group! Pack Planner. This is a technical canyoneering trip that will require appropriate gear, including helmet, harness, rappelling device, several biners, wetsuit, shoes with good grip when wet, a keeper pothole escape kit, a GPS, 50 ft webbing, 4 rap rings, 1x200 ft rope a shorter, 100ft rope will also prove useful.