Who are the professors at hogwarts

Evening Rules and Curfew at Hogwarts. Side effects may include killing unicorns for their life-giving blood and trying to murder your students at Lord Voldemort's behest. Headmaster , 1956 - 1997. Transfiguration , 1956 - 1998. While Firenze's lessons were often just as opaque as Trelawney's, he at least acknowledged that his brand of Divination, based on star-gazing, is inexact and open to interpretation.


To be a skilled arithmancer is worth giving credit. Male Muggle Studies teacher Muggle Studies, 1990 - 1993?

who are the professors at hogwarts

First, he showed up to Hogwarts on the Hogwarts Express, which showed that he was trying to fit in with his students and be economical about getting there. Many Harry Potter fans will likely confess to you that they have, at least once or twice, made an imaginary school schedule as if they were going to Hogwarts. Add in her talent for charms and Professor Sprout stacks up with the best of them. Mad-Eye Moody.

Hogwarts Professors, Ranked: From Snape to Slughorn

Her disciplinarian persona did have some cracks in it, and it was clear that she always had a soft spot for Harry. On top of this, his ability to master several talents is world renowned.

who are the professors at hogwarts

The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer. Quirrell was talented perhaps, as a wizard, but had no real presence as a teacher.

who are the professors at hogwarts

Ravenclaw Rowena Ravenclaw , by virtue of being the founder. At Hogwarts, a staff of about fourteen teachers apparently handles classes for hundreds of students.


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who are the professors at hogwarts

It is presumed that wizards and witches do not need any form of specific education or training if they wish to become teachers. On top of the mastery of her own area, she also held her own against Death Eaters. However, the most notable exception to this is Rubeus Hagrid , who is usually referred to by his surname. Flitwick is half-goblin , Flitwick has an encyclopedic knowledge of charms and spells.

Hogwarts Staff

Mat Cauthon 17. From the first book in the series, Professor Snape has always felt like one of the strongest wizards. However, she is also quite difficult as far as course load goes. Professor Lupin displayed a real familiarity with his students, allowing them to enjoy learning Defense Against the Dark Arts for the first time in the series.