Who killed rafik hariris daughter

Iran's nuclear programme threatens to break Israel's regional monopoly of weapons of mass destruction, which is the main reason it is under immense pressure to abandon uranium enrichment. Try for free Already registered? A fifth suspect, Hassan Habib Merhi 48 , was indicted last year and his case may yet become part of the current trial.

Rafik Hariri, Ex-Premier of Lebanon, Dies at 60

In 1965, he left home to seek his fortune in Saudi Arabia. Top news, analysis and opinion, delivered to your inbox seven days a week. He invested heavily in the reconstruction of central Beirut along the former Green Line, which separated warring militias during the war, and later formed television and radio stations in Lebanon.

It is worth pointing out that the Christians among the demonstrators did not call for the truth about the murder of prime minister Rashid Karami and National Liberal leader Danny Chamoun - because wartime Christian militiamen rather than the Syrians are widely regarded as their murderers.

who killed rafik hariris daughter

For France, and for the vast majority of Arabs, Hizbullah is a national liberation movement as well as a big political actor in Lebanon. Morning Briefing. Tell us what you think. Born poor in southern Lebanon, Mr.

Nasrallah reveals Hariri murder 'evidence'

Tech news. The vehicles, pitted with shrapnel holes, perhaps bearing traces of the explosives, formed a pattern which showed how the bomb scattered the cars - as well as the order in which the convoy was travelling. Syria appears to have recognised its mistake.

As the hearing got under way, a suicide car bomber killed four people in an attack on a Hizbullah stronghold town of Hermel, near the border with Syria — just the latest evidence that the new era of peace and justice for Lebanon which the tribunal was supposed to usher in remains elusive.

Four men on trial in absentia for murder of Rafik Hariri

Many opposition leaders, including Walid Jumblatt - it was his father Kamal who was murdered - hope desperately Bachar was not involved. Mark Steel.

who killed rafik hariris daughter

The murder is more likely to be the work of one of its many enemies. At The Independent , no one tells us what to write. There is no shortage of potential candidates, including far-right Christians, anxious to rouse opinion against Syria and expel it from Lebanon; Islamist extremists who have not forgiven Syria its repression of the Muslim Brotherhood in the 80s; and, of course, Israel.

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who killed rafik hariris daughter

Israel's ambition has long been to weaken Syria, sever its strategic alliance with Iran and destroy Hizbullah.