Cats sleep anywhere pictures of bed

Think182 Report. While dogs and cats never stop loving their owners, all sorts of animals end up in shelters and pounds for reasons beyond their control. Rachael Gibbs.

15 Photos That Prove Cats Can Sleep Just About Anywhere

Tips to live by from King Solomon, from the book of Ecclesiastes. To complete the subscription process, please click the link in the email we just sent you. This cat looked very cozy as she fell asleep in a sheepskin boot.

cats sleep anywhere pictures of bed

After all, it's good for you health. Shamie Anna Lena 2 years ago Is that possible? Ever since Gerber baby food slapped a photo of an adorable tyke onto their canned goods way back in 1928, parents across the country have hoped for their child to become as famous as the baby in the iconic charcoal sketch. I just about fit. Beeslo Report.

Strange spot for a catnap!

cats sleep anywhere pictures of bed

Maybe these cute critters aren't as smart as dogs, but there's no denying they're totally adorable, even when they're just lying around. Some pets find themselves in pretty precarious spots, but luckily cats always land on their feet we hope! Country music star Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline obviously. This dog has won a decided victory while protecting his home. Send more Import Contacts Like it?

cats sleep anywhere pictures of bed

Cats don't always make clear what their plan is... So cute!

247 Pics That Prove Cats Can Sleep Purrretty Much Anywhere

Duchesses will make their first joint appearance of 2019 at a party for Prince Charles - after putting on a united front at Christmas amid feud rumours 'Please use them when it's too noisy because of me': Enjoy these 25 pictures of odd catnaps. Lauren Mitchell 2 years ago Screw the bed, mesh trashcan here I come! This cat looked grumpy with the bed he'd chosen for his catnap.

cats sleep anywhere pictures of bed

It was less than a week ago that we shared the sweet story of Poochie, the senior dog that country singer Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline adopted. Back to top Home News U. Almost finished... Cats do love to bug us while we're getting work done.

Hilarious pictures prove that cats will sleep anywhere

They saw me. These furry child keepers are the perfect companions for love and fun. Could they be planning world domination, or just trying to get a GED?