Explain how a dna microarray works

explain how a dna microarray works

Comparative analysis of the genes from a diseased and a normal cell will help the identification of the biochemical constitution of the proteins synthesized by the diseased genes. Comparative Genomic Hybridization: Depending upon the kind of immobilized sample used construct arrays and the information fetched, the Microarray experiments can be categorized in three ways:. Thousands of spotted samples known as probes with known identity are immobilized on a solid support a microscope glass slides or silicon chips or nylon membrane.

Both sets of labeled DNA are then inserted into the chip and allowed to hybridize - or bind - to the synthetic DNA on the chip.

DNA Microarray Technology

English Talking Glossary: DNA Microarray is one such technology which enables the researchers to investigate and address issues which were once thought to be non traceable. Based on how the DNA binds together, each spot will appear red, green, or yellow a combination of red and green when scanned with a laser. The researchers can use this information to synthesize drugs which combat with these proteins and reduce their effect.

DNA Microarray [HD Animation]

All of the genes in your experiment are active. The sample has genes from both the normal as well as the diseased tissues. In your experiment these spots will be dark pink.

All the data is collected and a profile is generated for gene expression in the cell. Probe Location 1. If the individual does possess a mutation, the individual's DNA will not bind properly to the DNA sequences on the chip that represent the "normal" sequence but instead will bind to the sequence on the chip that represents the mutated DNA.

explain how a dna microarray works

Array Designer is an exceptional software to design highly specific oligos for expression and SNP genotyping microarray experiments. How microarray technology works? Drug Discovery: Gene splicing detection using microarrays.

explain how a dna microarray works

For example, researchers believe that mutations in the genes BRCA1 and BRCA2 cause as many as 60 percent of all cases of hereditary breast and ovarian cancers. What is a DNA microarray used for?

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The researcher then denatures the DNA in the samples - a process that separates the two complementary strands of DNA into single-stranded molecules.

This can be detected on the microarray. This way, doctors can look at what genes are turned on and off in the healthy cells compared to the cancerous cells.

explain how a dna microarray works

Talking Glossary of Genetic Terms Definitions for the genetic terms used on this page. Overexpressed genes generate more mRNA than underexpressed genes.

explain how a dna microarray works