Fmv156dcc how to remove door hinge

I'm looking at replacement parts and it's pretty expensive.

fmv156dcc how to remove door hinge

Tip The door hinges are beyond the scope of most homeowners since the front of the microwave requires disassembly. Door Assy.

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fmv156dcc how to remove door hinge

This will ensure the hinges are quiet and slick. Place on a hard flat surface with some towels under it for padding.

How to replace the cavity lamp in a 2006 fmv156dcc frigidaire microwave

When I look at the holes they look like blank holes.. Answer Glenn, The hinges for the microwave are welded to the cabinet and are not a replaceable part.

Press the grill into place on the microwave, starting from the bottom of the grill. If you have another set of hand ready, the second person can serve this purpose by holding the door steady while you tend to the following step.

How to Replace Door Parts on the Frigidaire FMV156DCC

To print the manual completely, please, download it. Step 4 Insert a small flat-head screwdriver in the notch at the bottom edge of the door on the right corner. Step 2: Did this article help you? Lately during the filling cycle water hammer is occurring. Proper installation is the responsibility of the instailer.

Product failure due to improper installation.

The seal plate is the inner door panel that surrounds the glass. Once all of the pieces are removed, it's time to take the door down.

fmv156dcc how to remove door hinge

Remove and save 2 screws from back edge and 3 screws from the top center of the Fan Cover Bracket. You will need to order the handle set 5304506471 for the unit.

Frigidaire FMV156DBA Installation Instructions Manual

Yes 1 Answer. Jan 29, 2018 Microwave Ovens. I hope this helps you.

fmv156dcc how to remove door hinge

Upload error. Answer Hello David. Now, the oven lamp socket is free. Lodge a book underneath the door for support. Insert the door latch into the notch on the edge of the door, aligning the threaded holes on the door latch with the mounting holes.

Without the support of hinges the door will require a lot of control to take down properly.

fmv156dcc how to remove door hinge