Gta 5 creator how to stack props

gta 5 creator how to stack props

Items small enough to fit between these, such as markers, can still be placed on top. However, I can't place anything on my floating props, I tried switching to player view and I still get this message saying "Placed items cannot be stacked.

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gta 5 creator how to stack props

Along with the release of the enhanced versions of GTA V , the player can now place new objects in the Capture, Deathmatch or LTS Creators, such as fortresses, new fences, signs, large stadium seats and large floaters. As long as those 3 points are all touching parallel surfaces, it doesn't matter if they're on 1 continuous object or 3 different objects with space in-between them. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Of course, having your cursor at the maximum distance away from you means that you cannot simply move it towards you.

The props that are especially good for stacking are highlighted in orange. Images of gameplay or game-related content. Is the surface flat? The Target Assault Race Creator was released in June 5th, 2018 , with various new props being also added to it.

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As an example, LCC does not need a continuous surface just the corners and a central point to place it are enough. As many hopeful job creators quickly found out, the Content Creator restricts you from being able to place anything on top of props.

gta 5 creator how to stack props

Discussion of gameplay, game features, news, speculation, and more. If the block is not tall enough, then you will be unable to attempt placing your item on top of it. Keep in mind that the surface does not need to be continuous. Seeking information or concrete answers regarding game features, content, and gameplay.


Attempting to stack this on another prop will show you whether or not that prop can potentially be used as a foundation. Nobody wants to explain because it takes time out of their lives to help people. These custom maps can be made anywhere in San Andreas.

gta 5 creator how to stack props

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