Gta 5 how many gameplay hours

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) Story - All Cutscenes Game Movie HD w/ Gameplay

Nov 16, 2012 9. SerotoninKiller , Nov 16, 2012. Nov 16, 2012 47.

What Percentage Of Players Will Actually Finish GTA 5?

If you use the Newfound Gap or Clingmans Dome as midpoints, you can finish your hike in just three or four days.

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gta 5 how many gameplay hours

Nov 16, 2012 46. Every Friday. Nov 16, 2012 18. I beat the game in 6 days.

11 Things You Could Do in the Amount of Time It Takes to Beat ‘Grand Theft Auto V’

You could get your lifeguard certification and STILL have time to rescue a couple of millionaires who've been kidnapped by pirates and chained underwater to a sunken oil platform. Doesn't matter to me, a majority of my game time is just gonna be fucking around just like every other GTA.

gta 5 how many gameplay hours

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gta 5 how many gameplay hours

Yes, if I was still in high school or college, I very well might have time to put in six hours a day of GTA guilt-free, but what about older games with jobs, families and other responsibilities? Halo and Call of Duty campaigns are only window dressing for the multiplayer, most of the time. The "Big" heist wasn't really that big, was it.

gta 5 how many gameplay hours

Red Dead Redemption 2. Taking my time, savouring it.

gta 5 how many gameplay hours

Here are 11 things you could do in the amount of time you would have spent playing GTA 5, assuming you spend at least 100 hours on the game.