How does a tubular rivet work

how does a tubular rivet work

September 8, 2016. All rivets and tools used are available for purchase online.

how does a tubular rivet work

If you want to see these helpful how-tos in action, watch our video where we explain more in depth what each tool does. They are normal, semi-tubular, and tubular rivets. How to Set a Tubular Rivet Take your tubular rivet and put it through the leather. Instead of place the tubular rivet into the hole as you would with a normal one, you use a rivet gun.

how does a tubular rivet work

The main function is to hold 2 pieces of metal together. Take the split rivet and put it through the leather. Once the rive it placed through the hole there will be a certain amount sticking out the other side.

Semi Tubular Rivet Machines

Before setting your rivet, be sure that you have punched a hole in each piece of leather you will be using. Take your special split rivet tool split rivet die and place it between the two prongs.

how does a tubular rivet work

Once you bend the shaft to flatten it against the metal surface you have already caused some damage to the fastener. Check it out! If there is not enough on the other side of the metal then there is not going to be a lot of strength at the end point.

This way there is not problem with how long the rivet is compared to the application it is being used on. They all have the same function, but have different levels of holding strength associated with them. In this case, the tubular rivet is also the wheel axle.

How to Set Split & Tubular Rivets

Place a washer on the rivet on the backside to keep it from pulling through the leather. Back it up with a washer for support. When you use too much force you can compromise the metal sheet, or the integrity of the metal you are using. The tubular rivet gives the user a little more strength than the normal type of rivet.

Place the peening tool on the end of the rivet and give it a few taps with a rawhide mallet. Because of this, the rivet side that is flattened can grip better, and the solid end provides the integral strength.

How a Tubular Rivet Works

As you press on the lever of the rivet gun is pushed the rivet through the hole and flattens out the end. Once the prongs are spread, take a metal hammer and push the prongs flat onto the washer to smooth them out. This is then flattened against the metal side to form a secure fit.

how does a tubular rivet work