How to chang3 tractor tire

Because of the design of these stems, we need to remove this outer nut so we can knock the rest of the stem inward to remove it. Large tires, especially tall sidewall tires, are easy to manipulate on a wheel.

CASE / David Brown 1390 Tire Changing

Using the knife edge of your bucket, you should be able to raise your front tires right off the ground. Once you have a ratchet strap in place, you may need to strike your tire with a mallet or dead blow hammer to finish seating the bead.

Have you had to change a valve stem creatively? Just poke the end of the wire into the hole in the middle of the stem on the inside, unbolt the nut, and the stem should slide down the wire and into your hand. Most modern small farm tractors have tractor tire valve stems that include a metal body. Smaller tires like the ones on the front axle of this compact tractor may require an automotive type tire machine to remove from the rim.

Your tire is likely already partially popped off the rim, so rotate your tire either by driving on it, or spinning it if you manage to lift the tractor.

Changing a Tractor Tire Valve Stem

Name required. For a pull-through rubber tractor tire valve stem, feed the pulling tool into the wheel from the outside. In either case, get the wheel turned so that you can access both the inside and outside of the stem hole at the same time. If you thought ahead and bought a spare OEM tractor tire stem, then you may not need a pulling tool, just a wrench and socket.

Bring the old stem with you to the parts store, or measure before you go. Hydraulics do fade, and bucket loaders will leak, so be sure you put something under the tractor to act as a jack stand of sorts for safety. Stem puller tools come in various shapes and sizes, but the most common and cheapest tool is a simple steel cable with a fitting on one end to thread onto the stem and a handle on the other. Enter Your Log In Credentials. Visa 3-digit, non-embossed number printed on the signature panel on the of the card immediately following the card account number.

For those of us using an off-the-shelf generic rubber stem, be sure you get the correct size stem for the hole in your wheel. Email will not be published required.