How to change twitter theme on android

how to change twitter theme on android

The only option I know of on an Android device for the twitter app or IOS is changing your twitter theme to Night mode or light mode. Not Helpful 7 Helpful 1.

how to change twitter theme on android

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How To Change Twitter Theme Colors

Other Options: Wisdom Fighters. Now, I do not have an IOS device so not to sure if you would have more options with its apps then an android phone would. Yes, you can change the color theme on your Twitter account. Here are a few websites that I would recommend when trying to find the color code you desire.

how to change twitter theme on android

Cookies make wikiHow better. While Twitter's theme customization options are limited, you can change your theme's color to any hue found on the HTML color spectrum. Step 3. Tested By:.

how to change twitter theme on android

Twitter In other languages: This will open your Twitter home page if you're logged in. Click and drag the vertical color bar up or down to select the main color you want to use for your theme. Tagged with: What is a theme color?

How to Change Your Twitter Background

Learn more. I did some research and did find a IOS app that has great reviews and allows you to customize more. Doing so opens a section with several different-colored boxes. Open Twitter. I turned back to night mode and the default colour came back. You have changed your Theme Color on your Twitter Page.

How to Enable Twitter Night Mode for iOS, Android, and the Web

Enter your color's code. Step 4. If you just want to select a preset color on Twitter, skip to the next part.