How to create username for health portal

Can I ask emergency related questions via the Patient Portal?

how to create username for health portal

What does a report mean to me? The Patient Portal is not used to pay your bill.

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What should I do? The lab result will show with graph and table of data facts.

how to create username for health portal

Each patient must be verified our office before any medical data can be provided. Validate your identity by entering your date of birth OR phone number, and then click Next:.

how to create username for health portal

Locate your practice by typing in the practice name OR the practice code. If you are not using the right browser, please follow the message to switch or download browser.

Patient Portal - Follow My Health

For security reasons you can't change your demographic information from the Patient Portal. How can I request a prescription refill? Enjoy user experience improvements. Home healow. Home Page To what information should I pay attention on the Home page?

Click the picture that looks like a printer. What do I have to do when I see the orders? Click the button "Start Now! How to find the specific educational information?

how to create username for health portal

Hover the mouse over the form and you will see a row of buttons appear at the bottom of the screen. Also, make sure you have chosen the correct date range. From the "Subject" dropdown box you can click on a title.

How can I change the size of the text to make it easier to read?