How to delete file in documents folder

Makes your life easier and it's the case of RTFM for your users.

how to delete file in documents folder

Links are only available in SharePoint Online. Code I have written to delete image is: Learn More.

How to Delete a Computer File or Folder

You are given the option to delete documents one by one. Looking for help? Select one or more files that you want to delete by hovering over the file and then clicking the check box.

How To Recover Permanently Deleted Files For Free On Windows 10/8/7

And agree with karina , you can give them the functionality but enforce the rules. Its working partially.

how to delete file in documents folder

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Deleting PDF files from desktop folder, after inserting into DB record

Click on the Document link from the left side of your screen. Use Shift to select all items between the first and last item selected.

how to delete file in documents folder

I delete the sqlite db successfully by below answer. In SharePoint, open the document library and hover over the item you want to delete, and click the check mark.

how to delete file in documents folder

Upload files to a library. How can we improve it? If the SharePoint library is not already open, click its name on the Quick Launch bar. But the problem was trivial.