How to make hair clips for extensions

But the one hairstyle I could only have in my dreams was silky, lustrous long locks.

I Tried Clip-In Extensions & All Of My Long-Hair Dreams Came True

Once you know how to sew hair extensions to a clip, you can change your style as frequently as you want by taking the clips in and out of your hair. How do I do them?

how to make hair clips for extensions

Make sure all the clips are snug! You will need 2 clips for the smaller sections and possibly 3 clips if you have a very long section one on each end and for longer sections you need one in the center. Blending them in to look natural takes some practice, but I've been surprised at just how legit they look.

Made Recently. You can use regular hair dye that you can buy at a mass retail outlet or beauty supply store. It doesn't really matter.

how to make hair clips for extensions

Thank you for the idea and steps! Share it with us! The Look.

how to make hair clips for extensions

I watched her video on how to put in clip-in hair extensions they're also great for adding volume and thickness to hair that's already long , as well as this tutorial specifically for shoulder-length hair. Dye the hair weft according to your preference. Clip the rest of your hair on top of your head. To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time.

How To Wear Clip In Hair Extensions

By spoonfeeding Follow. Not the length of it, but like if there are 5 clips I want to know if I could make one set with 2 clips and one with 3 clips. Per this tutorial from Buzzfeed , I also clipped up the small front sections of hair in front of my ear, so I could clip the single-clip wefts to the sides rather than the back.

Yes, coloring the hair first isn't going to affect anything.

how to make hair clips for extensions

You should now unclip your natural hair and pull it down over the back clips. Does that make sense?

DIY Clip-In Hair Extensions

Tips Consider buying a hair weft that is labeled "Remi. There's also a color matching guide on the site, along with some amazing styling tutorials for cool braids and updos that I'll definitely be trying out. Use the lowest heat setting that'll do the trick, she says this is best for keeping your real hair healthy, too.

DIY Clip-in Extensions - ft. UNice Hair

So when Barefoot Blonde Hair offered me the chance to make my mermaid aspirations come true and try clip-in hair extensions , I couldn't resist finding out what I'd really look like.