How to make website in hindi font

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how to develop website in Hindi

Strip HTML. Please be thoughtful, detailed and courteous, and adhere to our posting rules. What's the best way to use hindi font on a website?

how to make website in hindi font

What about downloading the font then include it in your project? We can try today, late evening ;. Plus One. My 5, but I added some essential detail in Solution 2, maybe more essential than the recipe for using the SQL server.

Thanks, i am sure you have the knowledge that i need to complete this website in hindi.

how to make website in hindi font

In Unicode, all the characters are unique, they are identified by their code points , which is irrelevant to fonts. Articles Quick Answers Messages Use my saved content filters.

I will give you that step to install.

How to use Hindi font in website

Kindly guide me with step by step instructions so that i can complete my task as soon as possible. Encode HTML. And this is an abugida alphabet. Where are you stuck exactly?

How to create website using hindi font?

Have something to contribute to this discussion? I want to create a website in hindi font. This is not enough to make real music. Yes you should use two pages.

how to make website in hindi font

All the modern fonts Unicode fonts; and they almost never support just one writing system. Even all the fonts developed exclusively to support some particular ethnic cultures always support Latin and a lot more.

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This link should get you started.