How to make wooden platonic solids

Platonic Solids

That's possible, I also could have paint is before it was assembled as I did another one later on. If not, the highest possibility is inaccurate bevel as shown in the last picture. Each solid is made from a circle, with the shape the solid is based on drawn inside of the circle.

how to make wooden platonic solids

Starting a Handmade Business. Make a place to work. Three-dimensional objects with only flat or plane surfaces are known as polyhedra. Imagine how it will look and what you will do with it.

how to make wooden platonic solids

My board is about 36", so I decided to make the edge 12"ish so I only need to cut 20 bars, or 21, 22... For circles printed on cardstock, score the fold lines first with the empty ballpoint pen.

For more reference, see Regular icosahedron Dimensions. Download and print the pattern on paper or cardstock. Purple would ve a great choice. The patterns are available in color or in black and white, for you to print on colored paper or add your own design. These are fantastic!

Wooden Polyhedra

Bevel the table saw blade to 69. Decide how you want the box to open and leave tabs unglued as needed for a lid. Reply 9 months ago. Decorate on the unprinted side.

How to Make Platonic Solids Read all of the steps before starting. For more creativity, you might print the black and white calendar patterns see Step 1 on white or pastel colored cardstock and decorate it with markers in any way you like! Platonic solids are all made up by regular polygons, so all you need is to make the right amount of them and figure out the dihedral angle, which is 2 times of the bevel angle of the edge.

how to make wooden platonic solids

I Made It! Find more crafts Find more crafts by browsing the Project Index or with a search... Your Platonic solids are complete!

Plywood Icosahedron and the Other 4 Platonic Solids

Glue ten folded circles with triangles into a ring using the glue tabs. Patterns are Adobe PDF files. It's better to make the angle rather smaller if you not confident about the accuracy of your angle gauge. NeilRG 9 months ago on Step 5. Since parallelogram is centrosymmetric, you can start the cut from either end.

Very cool, and a perfect use for birch plywood scraps!