How to peel asparagus without a peeler

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How to Ribbon Asparagus Without a Mandoline

If you start to cut an onion, the peel falls off more or less on its own; same with garlic. On the other hand, I find myself increasingly peeling broccoli, which I find improves it greatly.

how to peel asparagus without a peeler

Another advocate for leaving the skin on beets. To peel or not to peel is usually more a question of flavor and nutrient content, although peeling can be very meditative…. Mario Batali Demo: Weekly Newsletter. Spiced Roasted Lobster with Pea Ravioli. Home Video.

The Best Way to Eat Asparagus? Ribbon It.

One thing, however: If you find that the stalk is slipping or rotating while you shave it, shave one side, making a flat surface, and rest the asparagus on the countertop flat side-down. Woe for the annoying hours wasted, hacking jerkily away at potatoes, turnips, or what-have-you, that now lay behind me, when all the while I could have been soothingly and quickly guiding the peeler with my thumb and the muscles of my hand.

Actually, it never even occured to me to peel them. Don't lift up the asparagus because it will crack and make it roll. I have two type of asparagus here. Pan-Seared Zucchini. But, after reading this, I may reconsider.

how to peel asparagus without a peeler

Ten times better unpeeled anyway for most uses , asparagus depends on the thickness , and often potatoes. I've always just chopped the asparagus into short lengths and halved them, because I'll be damned if I can figure out a safe way to shave them into thin slices.

Lemon-Crab Ravioli.

how to peel asparagus without a peeler

I like the skin on.