How to setup a personal dns server

For example, my email address: First see if you have BIND already on your system. The named.

how to setup a personal dns server

When you are finished adding all of your desired zones, save and exit the named. Add a "forwarders" line as shown below. It is smaller and faster than BIND, but the license controlling the source code is stricter, and djbdns gets a lot of flak for that. First, check whether you already have an ssh key generated: The -x option means reverse lookup.

After restarting named you should see results similar to these when you do a reverse lookup on an IP address in the reverse zone.

how to setup a personal dns server

Querying "host1" expands to "host1. It simply caches the results of all name resolver requests from the network that it serves to speed up responses to future requests for the same remote host.

Set Up a DNS Name Server

Post to Cancel. View all posts by zwischenzugs. Dumb question, but I get the impression these DNS servers and only used to allow RoW to see your locally-hosted sites. Copy it to the proper location with the following commands substituting the destination filename so it matches your reverse zone definition:. Luckily, the secondary DNS server is much easier to configure.

DNS Server setup

PTR records are not stored in the main zone database for mydomain. Listing 1: First, you will want to edit the SOA record. When something isn't going my way it just starts to make sense to do it myself. Skip to: To do this, you will need to edit the "named.

how to setup a personal dns server

Define slave zones that correspond to the master zones on the primary DNS server. Before all of your servers in the "trusted" ACL can query your DNS servers, you must configure each of them to use ns1 and ns2 as nameservers.

how to setup a personal dns server

On ns1 , for each reverse zone specified in the named. You should be able to try this project on any Linux host you have available with minuscule impact.