How to store old photos in boxes

5 Rules For Storing Pictures & Photos To Preserve Your Family's Memories

Is your photo collection a disaster? But avoid glassine envelopes - if it they get wet, they stick to the photographic surface.

how to store old photos in boxes

By Max Wong on 21 September 2016 1 comment. Lastly, since I am a visual thinker, I take a ton of photos to help me remember everything from my Italian homework to where I parked the car at the airport. Compiled by Martin Chilton. Related and Popular. Your inbox is about to get more organized.

how to store old photos in boxes

Interior fluorescent lighting is especially damaging and should be avoided at all costs. Here are the five rules to remember to keep your developed photos we're not discussing digital photos in this article in tip top condition:.

how to store old photos in boxes

More from The Telegraph. My favorite method of researching mystery photos is to bring them to large family events and have my relatives help me identify people, places, and things.

12 Smart Ways to Organize Old Photos

Related Articles. I realized that unless I stopped taking new photos this would not happen , I would continue to play catch up… forever. We now know that many of these things actually harm your pictures, such as non-archival quality papers which contain lignin and other acids, or adhesives which become yellow and brittle with age, and plastics that degrade and cause the photo to stick, sometimes permanently, to the album. Max is a personal finance writer, filmmaker, producer, and beekeeper.

how to store old photos in boxes

The important thing to look for are items that are archival quality, and that are photo safe, acid, lignin and PVC free. Je t'aime: Jodi Rives 1.

how to store old photos in boxes

Alternately, go old school and write the story of each photograph, as a caption, directly onto the paper album pages. For example, because I am working on building up Flickr as my professional portfolio of travel and architecture shots, my initial sort will be to organize my photos into albums by city.

How To Store And Preserve Your Old Photographs

Wise Bread Picks. Set Up A Routine. Instead of trying to organize all 50,000 digital images at once, I focused on the most recent 5,000 pictures and resolved to stay on top of my photo curating chores from that point forward. Since I am paranoid, this Flickr album also doubles as backup storage for physical photographs.

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