How to use benefit luminizer gel

high brow eyebrow highlighter

I adore Watt's Up! My go-to highlighter to wake up my face! It didn't make my face oily, and just gave a lovely glow, and got lots of compliments. Lovely use once throughout in the morning and lasts all day.

how to use benefit luminizer gel

I used it over my foundation and under my blush for a soft, dewy, fresh glow, and I can't get over how simple yet beautiful it looks. It really opens open my eyes and makes them look very big. I agree with mostly everyone else, this product is really nice on the skin. I purchased Girl Meets Pearl instead and actually got a sample of this with the purchase, so I gave Watt's Up a second try at home on my face.

how to use benefit luminizer gel

It has a good color and it's shiny and a little bit goes a long way. Fields marked with an asterisk are compulsory. Bottom line: I've converted a friend too: Definitely worth the money and perfect for the cold weather!

Pat it on over blush to highlight cheekbones with a pop of pearly pleasure!

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This is a great product. Love the soft, golden bronze highlighting affect of tho product.

how to use benefit luminizer gel

A truly amazing product! To begin with, I like the packaging of this product, it's quite nice, it reminds me of That Gal's, and in fact, the dispensing device is the same.

It's super smooth and blends in effortlessly, I couldn't be happier. Insanely easy to apply and looks absolutely perfect with the right amount of shimmer, ill be using this highlighter for the rest of my life!

how to use benefit luminizer gel