How to vaccinate your own horse

how to vaccinate your own horse

However, this will cost you more money than doing it yourself. My horse doesn't get feed beyond forage. Copyright 2019 CHA-ahse.

how to vaccinate your own horse

After a vaccination you should care for the injection site and you should also take it easy on the horse. To find out where you can dispose of your sharp instruments container when it is full, contact your local waste disposal agency.

how to vaccinate your own horse

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Leave this field empty. You also need to learn how to do an injection properly. First of all, it is important to make sure your horse is receiving the proper vaccinations, both core and risk-based as defined by the American Association of Equine Practitioners , and the best person to determine what your horse needs is your veterinarian.

Horses have no innate immunity. Since 1999, when West Nile virus was first reported in this country, there have been more than 24,000 reported cases of equine WNV encephalitis.

Can I vaccinate my own horse?

VEE is not because the disease has not been diagnosed here in almost 40 years. Dead space.

how to vaccinate your own horse

No horse is immune from the debilitating and potentially life-threatening diseases that can be prevented by vaccination. You will also need supplies like a syringe and cleaning supplies to keep the needle and the injection point clean.

Please always give this with two people to help control the horse should the horse have an adverse reaction to the procaine. Please wait... Vaccines have decreased the incidence of infectious diseases among horses, but "there are always risks, which is why you should discuss vaccinations with your veterinarian," Lunn says.

how to vaccinate your own horse

All Rights Reserved. The vaccines that you give your horse may no longer be effective, but you will have no way of knowing it.