How to worm farm

Just avoid anything with glossy color printing or leaves with a lot of volatile oil or strong scent. What to Recycle!

how to worm farm

You can also find Tumbleweed products in a number of gardening, hardware and independent retailers including Mitre10 and Flower Power.

I had a warm compost with worms before but I never thought of making money out of them. Expensive store bought fertilizers and different baits and ways to lure fish to the line are used, but for those who want to stay true to natural gardening and bring in the day's catch the old fashioned way depend on the trusty worm..

How to Start a Worm Farm for Fun or Profit

To set up the sump bottom bin, there first needs to be a layer of bricks placed on the ground so that the composter will be slightly elevated. To settle your worms into their new home, add some layers of soaked bedding into the middle section of the farm. Connect the two tubs with a plastic tube or pipe and close off the end where the worms are. Now you have a product to sell. The home worm farmer, or amateur vermiculturalist can use suitable modern products and a better understanding of the habits and requirements of the compost worms in the worm bins to design a system that is both convenient to handle and efficient in the usage of materials and manpower.

Provide the optimum location and environment.

how to worm farm

The two upper bins will actually hold the worms. Worm Terms Reproduction Worm Tea.

A Beginner's Guide to Worm Farming

Can horse manure be used, either instead of or as well as, cow manure? Or would you prefer to go in-store to ask for more information? Soon worms will be recycling food scraps into a healthy, nutrient-rich soil amendment called compost.

how to worm farm

As your worms reproduce, you will need to expand their living quarters also. More success stories All success stories Hide success stories. The compost created from castings will begin to accumulate.

How to set up a worm farm the easy way

Add your worms and gently cover them with a few more layers of bedding. If you are all thumbs, you can purchase worm homes in a wide variety of material from plastic to fiberboard to more dense wood.

how to worm farm

A few dried leaves work too. Worms assist in aerating soil.

How To Build a Worm Farm

Choosing Your Bins The size and number of the nesting bins is variable, depending on the desired scale of the operation. Fred Bove.

how to worm farm

The composter itself should be in a shady spot that is safe from frosts.