How to write years 1990s

How to Convert Roman Numerals.

How to Write Dates Correctly in English

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how to write years 1990s

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how to write years 1990s

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10 rules for using the apostrophe

Two thousand and sixteen was an eventful year in politics. I would think the opposite would be true: I should point out that because the devisor of our calendar, in the 6th century, didn't know about zeroes, every decade begins with a year ending in a one, so the decade under consideration is actually 2001-2010 just like we don't have 0th January and so on.

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Writing the Century

We count one through ten, not zero through nine. Semantic enigmas. Birds and the bees.

how to write years 1990s

If you're not familiar with style guides, check out The Chicago Manual of Style , one of the most famous American style guides. The key to overcoming your struggle with dates is to understand the prevailing conventions and then apply them clearly—and consistently. Exact statistical measures, such as percentages, decimals, and mathematical operations, should always be written in numeral form.

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