How ya doin picsart

Please fix this!! But the service providers are crap. After my review this developer thinks I want to give it more money?

how ya doin picsart

Would not let me create new account, would not let me log in with Facebook, and would not let me sign even after I went on another device to create an account.

Maybe one or two.. You want it to look like an oil painting?

Free-to-Edit #hur Stickers

Get It!!! This app is misleading.

how ya doin picsart

I usually have to restart the app 2-3 times to get it to open. It freezes and closes when I first try to open it and freezes while using it most times.

Picsart Photo Editor App Reviews

Very frustrating it just keeps saying Download Failed. Well, I'll tell you this, it does that, and does it well.

how ya doin picsart

Very nice! These ideas would raise the rating to five, but only if you add these. Hello, please cancel my subscription I already did in my phone on subscriptions and I can't cancel it. I've been using this app for years and it was great --- literally updated it yesterday and now, nothing works without monthly or yearly subscription?!

how ya doin picsart

I had to dispute it with Apple! While editing a photo, I kept accidentally clicking on the ad and whenever it brought up the page, I would completely lose all progress on the photo I was working on.

how ya doin picsart

I am so dang disappointed in this app! They have challenges OMG the challenges are Great!